Setting up your open shop

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A Farm Hack Open Shop is where you can invite folks in to see what you or your organization have been working on, what you like and what forum activity you or your members have been most involved with. It is a shared space to facilitate collaborative projects.

If you are hosting an event, it is where you can send people to enable a focused view of the activities more relevant to your membership for that event. You can link directly to this page from your web site to enable your users to use the farm hack forums and wiki structure for your own open source collaboration.

You can add your organization's open shop here

The process is six easy steps!

Step one: provide your web site, organization description and logo.

Step two: Select the user names from of your organization's membership. The text box will auto complete if they are already a registered Farm Hack user. If they are not yet registered, they will need to set up a profile.

Step three: Check the tools that you or your membership is most interested in showing off

Step four: Check off which events you have been involved with or are currently working on

Step Five: Save your profile.

Step six: Save the URL and link to it from your home page!