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Hey friends. I'm Joshua, recently moved into my own place with 5 acres after many years of plotting what to do with my life. I'm currently an I.T. tech but the stress is killing me slowly. I decided I need to do something more healthy and less stressful so I bought my current place and after almost a year of making it livable I'm soon to start working on my small farming projects. I'll be using my techie knowledge to automate and integrate as much of the process with technology as I can, for ease of use reasons. (I live alone and have a degenerative muscle disorder) I plan also to set up a grid-tied solar/wind power system that fully covers all my power use and more. The land I purchased is terrible for normal farming but I'm going to make it work. Its fill of ravines and hills and woody areas, but there are some places that I can still use. I will be building, starting in the spring, a medium hoop house for my first greenhouse aquaponics system. It will have the usual starting plants like Kale, strawberries, and zucchini. The fish I plan to use are of course tilapia, I cant get enough of them, so yummy. I plan to start the hoop house on top of my current well house since its falling apart, has electricity already ran to it, and will be the water source. Once I get a small 50x20-ish area started I'll expand from there. I also have about 2 acres of relatively flat ground, about an acre in 2 separate places. One will be a bamboo nursery growing as many types of bamboo that will grow in this climate, and the second area will be a timber bamboo grove. I've already started collecting bamboos which will be growing in these 4' wide BigBagBeds I've found online until I get the grove area flattened and cleared better and a nice trench dug on the perimeter so my neighbors don't shoot me in the face if the bamboo escaped. This will also help prevent further erosion of the area that started after the previous owner built a shabby pond. This patch of nature is rough and I'm trying my best to work with it instead of ravaging it. Wish me luck. :p