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If you are looking for many of the tools listed above, we have a small tool company (almost 100% U.S.-made tools) for oxy-acetylene & propane torch welding, welding supplies (like flux-core rod) metal repairs & fabrication, etc, including hammers, files, snips, shears, layout tools, sheet metal / shaping machines (air power hammers, flow-forming tools, english wheels). Also, a number of instructional DVDs that show you how to do the sorts of repairs you might need to do on things like farm equipment (example: rust repairs & patch panels, or basics of gas welding). We also have training classes for those really interested in learning more about the tools including "Metalworking Fundamentals." Call for a free 88-page catalog (it is full of lots of useful metalworking information and resources): 530-292-3506. Or you can check our website: We also have a few videos on YouTube you can check out (Search "tinmantech" on YouTube). Good luck!