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USB probe for raspberry pi or android apk packplantpath Sunday, November 23, 2014 - 12:32pm Sunday, January 11, 2015 - 7:46pm 1

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I'm very interested in using fido for several projects. We just filled up a freezer with beef and it is not in the most accessible location to notice if it is broken. But there is WiFi!

I'm interested in both the raspberry pi as well as the android phone version. The easiest and cheapest for me is the android since I have an old, unlocked gsm galaxy nexus with screen issues but that runs fine for short periods of screen on time and perfect for screen off. Is the apk available to setup reporting if I buy the 3.5mm headphone thermometer and an extension cord?

I'd be interested in the raspberry pi version as well, but the USB temper1 sensor seems to be unavailable. Do you know where one of those can be sourced? I can't even find on on Ebay unless I just don't know the correct product #.

One feature I'd love to see is a daily text or email that basically says "still running, current temp is -20°c". I'm the paranoid type and don't fully trust technology.