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I met Tim in Boston a couple of weeks ago, and will be building this fall.  My bride started an organic csa about 8 years ago, and has not found the right equipment yet. Through ergonomics, precision, shallow till, partial damage to weeds, ground driven implements, foul-less rolling cultivators, we can help a generation of small farmers help recover the nutrition system that one and will feed the world.  A great collaboration will yield great advances, but my goal is to get something that works into the hands of these farmers that do not want to build their own for a reasonable price.  They have so much going against them, and so many other professional roles to fill.

We make toys in asia but design them in Tallahassee, and Tim has given me the inspiration to crank up a prototype build in our shop, or in that of a bike creator.

I am pleased to meet you guys anywhere in the usa, to collaborate soon.  Winter is warm in tallahassee.

We are working also with FSU on a robotic weeding machine, a pogo stick kite generator, a ROV that climbs trees and cuts limbs.  We have access to so good folks, so you should consider coming to see us, or we can go up coast.

Is this the place to be discussing the technical questions and solutions that I am working on, or is there a better place.  For instance, I am intrigued by the rear steering concept coming from france.  I would think it dynamically unstable, my experience is an old gravely mower that my father had, but if you are only adding very small steering inputs, and are geared way down, it may not matter.  What are the advantages of steering from the rear?

Thanks Jeff