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At PLOTS, Juan posted this link to a very interesting pair of glasses which filter out the wavelengths of chlorophyll and let you "see" crop stress:


Whoa. I ordered a pair, $20 shipped.

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I've seen some DIY Lidar setups (http://unterbahn.com/2010/11/3d-laser-scanning-with-record-player-arduino-processing-blender/) and there are some NYC area PLOTS folks interested in trying it out. But I think the balloon mapping >> bundle adjustment approach is kind of elegant in that it uses equipment we're already good at using.

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Dorn - Chris posted a bit more and I was speculating about how we might calculate biomass from the hi-res Meshlab data. I thought you might have some input:


Also, I was wondering if you'd done any ground-based biomass measurements, or how they might be done (barring, i suppose, cutting down all your veg and weighing it... :-P )

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Wow, that hi-res mesh is amazing.

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Almost everyone has removed their images -- Sorry, can you move them back into the folder so I can copy to the PLOTS server? i was gone this weekend and didn't get a chance. If you want a copy please copy them out, leaving the folder in there for everyone else. Dropbox can be kind of a weird system i guess.

but otherwise, the folder is at:


and I believe I can invite you if you like, so you get it via your desktop interface instead of via the website.

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I changed the name of the Dropbox to "Lee NH Balloon Mapping" since i already have some "balloon mapping" shared dropbox folders :-)

As soon as people drop some more data in there, I'm happy to copy it over to the Public Lab archive server so we don't have to keep using Dropbox. Is everyone invited to that Dropbox? Email Louis (or me?) if you're not. Or just share a separate dropbox folder with me and I'll copy things to somewhere we can all get them.

BTW the 3d thing is at: http://hypr3d.com

Thanks again everyone, it was very exciting.