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It's been a looong time since I've built any electronics, but the Arduino seems pretty simple. What I'm hoping to do is build a 4 to 6 channel temp setup with sensors at the end of cables. I haven't read any thing about voltage drop problems, so I'm assuming the losses would be minimal.

Last yeat I built a solar greenhouse with 36 barrels of water for heat retention. I think I can hold 50° F but I would like to sample the temperature in a number of places, to see how it's performing.

I am also planning a project around a number of parabolic collectors I have, and would like to see how they perform with different flow rates

Thanks for your information. I have never done any programming ...and I realize there are tutorials out there, but if I get stuck I might call for help.

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Sorry. I had forgotten about this. I was expecting email if there was any response.

I would like a multi-channel data logger for several specific uses, and for general experimenting.

Last year I built an experimental 8 x 32' solar green house that I am solar heating with 32 drums of water for heat storage, and I would like to track its performance in various locations.

Over a period of years I have collected a number of solar collectors and I have 8 fancy 8' parabolic concentrators I would like to try using in a way dissimilar to there original use, and it would be very useful to be able to track there specific performance.

Thanks for your interest.