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Hi there everyone,

I'm Emily, and I'm an urban farmer living in South Minneapolis, MN these days. I'm originally from New Hampshire, but moved to Minnesota for college and accidentally fell in love with the place. Before I graduated last May, I started a small urban farm with some other young folks, and we spent last season farming three vacant lots in residential neighborhoods. We grew veggies for a 17 member CSA and a small farmers' market. It was a good learning year, and three of us from that operation are continuing on next season, merging our farm with two other small urban farms to form a big, new, shiny venture called Stone's Throw Urban Farm. This year, we'll be growing for a 100-member CSA and a larger market, as well as some wholesale accounts. I'm the CSA manager. I attended a Farm Hack event last November when I was visiting my folks in New Hampshire. I really loved the community and thought I could benefit a lot from being around smart, inventive farmer types. I love to farm and want to make it my livelihood for years to come, but mechanics and tools are not my strongest suit, so I'm excited to learn here. I'll also be spending a few hours every week this winter working on filling in this forum with useful information, so you'll see me around here a lot. Cheers!

[this comment was migrated from the old Farm Hack Forum, it was originally posted on 1/18/2012]