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Front and rear 3 point hitches as well as a mid-mount hydraulic lift, which would either be adaptable to existing allis or international equipment. For those of us used to hydraulic lift advantages, we'd probably opt to spend the money to have those capabilities, especially if we are going to go through the trouble building or purchasing a new machine.

I would highly recommend a diesel engine with 30 horse and a nice creeper gear.

540 pto would be very nice to have but not a deal breaker.

Adjustable wheel widths and crop clearance comparable to old farmall super c's but maybe a rear mounted engine like the G's?

I would want a new cultivating tractor to replace various older models that each do only one or two tasks. This new tractor would need to make it vary easy to attach and detach belly mounted cultivators so that you could change implements much faster than with older tractors. I would want a new cultivating tractor to be new and not old and so run tight and hopefully be as reliable as those old girls we all love so much. A new cultivating tractor should be thought about right along side new cultivating techniques. So lets keep in mind parallel linkage cultivators that are growing in popularity as well as flame weeding. It would stand to reason that this tractor should be able to handle the weight of a full bed flaming unit.

Thanks for getting this started!