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Hello to everyone,

My wife and I have spend many nights talking about starting a small family farm and hope to get started in earnest on this adventure sometime this year. We've talked about moving to many different areas in Oregon with a current emphasis on Southern Oregon as we could likely coax older, less rain tolerant, family members to join us. My wife and I have modest training in farming, but we return to our food system as the most intriguing, pressing and ultimately human activity worth focusing sustained thought upon. I am an architect in Portland, OR. and an adjunct professor at Portland State University teaching environmental design. My wife coordinated and taught a garden-based education program and has worked with community gardening programs in Seattle. She is currently raising our two young daughters.

As a architect, I have experience in the design of hospitals, civic buildings and a little experience with animal hospitals/laboratories. Recently I've been focusing on agricultural architecture (mostly as a way to work through all the various ideas about running our own farm). The knowledge of how to grow food resiliently and what such an endeavor requires has been rushing past us for some time now and we're starting to reach out and see where these thoughts lead. There are so many people who have so much to share about the nuts and bolts of this reformation. I would be delighted to play some role in the integration of this knowledge.

In the meantimeā€¦I will likely be participating mostly as an observer. Thanks for having me.

Take care, Travis Bell

[this comment was migrated from the old Farm Hack Forum, it was originally posted on 1/21/2012]