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We built some trellis frames for our winter breeding nursery last fall out of 1-3/8" top rail. The farm manager did not want to trellis to the greenhouse frame. I was asked to come up with a design. Attached are some images of that design and the result. The frames worked well, but I'm not sure how cost effective it would be for the Grange and others in a similar situation. At any rate, here are the photos. I tried to upload the cost calculator, but the forum software wouldn't allow that file format. You or anyone else can e-mail me if you would like a copy of the spreadsheet.

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My name is Adam Lemieux. I am responsible for research and development of tools & supplies at Johnny's. I want to congratulate Ben, Dorn and any others that were involved in launching this forum and also give them kudos for all the work they are doing at Farmhack. I am very excited to finally see people posting ideas in a forum setting like this. I think it is the perfect vehicle to share ideas and feedback. Recently, I had the privilege of spending a couple days with a really great group of industry professionals at the Stone Barns Center with the similar intent of brainstorming scale-appropriate ideas for small commercial growers. We met the day after the Young Farmers Conference and called our meeting the Slow Tools Summit. I posted a trip report on my blog that also has an attached photo gallery. It can be viewed here: Thanks, Adam.

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