TricTrac - Tricycle Tractor

Tool Concept
Functional Prototype

Primary problem statement:
I am a farmer and I want a tool to replace my tractor for low horsepower jobs where human power is sufficient because it's possible depending on the job and better for my health..
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The TricTrac is a pedal-powered tractor made from a modified bicycle which can be adapted for various low-power farming operations.
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The TricTrac was build as the main part to a mechanical rice transplanting machine for women farmers in India. The frame is from a second had ladies' bicycle (adapted to local women's smaller frame) and the modified spiked wheels have been designed for operation in flooded fields. Front and rear sprockets have been swapped for ease of pedaling. A second sprocket is set on the axle to drive a trailing tool (not documented). The wheels are tightened on a threaded axis, so that in a turn one wheel would be driving and the other slips. This prototype has been made entirely out of second-hand and low-cost material. The current TricTrac prototype weighs 50kg.

The TricTrac has been inspired by the Culticycle and has been designed for easier manufacturing in local conditions (South India) as well as fitting to women's stature.

The SolidWorks files have been designed by Emile Dickson as part of a Live-in-Labs project in AMMACHI Labs, Amrita University. The project was conducted from mid-September to mid-December 2016. Poster was presented at RAHA 2016 conference.
Bicycle part of the SolidWorks files have been sourced from:
A prototype was built following these designs, and the designs have been adapted to reflect as closely as possible what has been manufactured. The bicycle parts have not been adapted although the bicycle used was smaller than the one in CAD model.
Manfacture was completed in Amrita University in Southern India and first field trial was conducted in a nearby village.

Solidworks files can be found here:


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