Seeder Roller Generator for Jang seeders

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This is a tool inspired by farmhack user, jellenbogen's custom Jang seeder rollers. It is an OpenSCAD script that lets the user set the seed well size, depth, shape, number and offset to generate a 3D printable model. It is intended to be used to generate custom seed rollers to suit your specific seed spacing and quantity requirements. Please see Documentation below.
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Step-by-step build instructions

  • Download and install OpenSCAD
  • Download SeederRollerGeneratorV1.scad
  • Open SeederRollerGeneratorV1.scad
  • Edit the parameters in the first part of the code according to the included instructions to set different well size, shape, spacing etc.
  • Hit F5 key or "Preview" button as you edit parameters until you are happy with the generated shape.
  • When you are satisfied with the shape and specifications hit F6 or the "Render" button. Rendering can take a while.
  • After rendering the object you can export it as a 3D printable STL file
  • Print the file or send it to get printed with the following specifications : 0.2mm layer height, 3 shells, 30%-50% infill (more is stronger)
  • If needed adjust the Roller Outer Dimensions to account for tolerances and printer error

Supporting materials

Download the Seeder Roller Generator from GitHub

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