Raised Bed Shaper

Tool Concept


I built this implement to make raised beds. It mounts to my rototiller or a 3 point hitch toolbar. It makes a 36" wide bed adjustable height from 2" to 8".
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I would love to be able to see the documents listed so I can attempt to build my own.
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How can you download documents and files
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How can you download documents and files
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did you ever get a reply on this bed shaper??? i have looked every where with no luck..
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I would like to get plans for this bed shaper. How do I?
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I would like the plans for building this bed shaper as well. Where can I find or get them? Thanks so much.
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Like to see a watering tape dispensing unit at the front of the bedder so tape would be 2nces or so below the top of the bed.
Documentation Wiki: 

Bill of materials


Other tools needed to build this tool


Step-by-step build instructions


Supporting materials

ie. SketchUp files, CAD drawings, photos, video, technical drawings. 

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Hi. Working on modifying my rototiller to raise beds for tomato beds. Got a disc ridger as well to combine with rototiller but I like your concept. Any chance of some concept sketches of your layout?
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