Open Pipe Kit

Tool Concept


The goal of Open Pipe Kit (OPK) is to be the missing plumbing between sensors and databases that will empower thousands of data journalists, civic hackers, farmers, etc. to collect data without needing a programmer's assistance or being locked into one data platform from a proprietary turn-key solution.
Documentation Wiki: 

We are currently doing an open Beta test. Check out our documentation to become a part of the test. If you do, we'd love to hear from you on our list or at one of our OPK Hangouts.

Join us!

  • See for info on how to build your own Pipe
  • Join the conversation on this project, join our email group.
  • Join us for the weekly OPK check in on Thursday at 7pm EST. Email with your Gmail address for a Google Hangout invite or your phone number and we'll call you in.
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