Multi rack

Tool Concept


Heavy duty cargo rack for bicycles and electricity generation.
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Multi Rack

Heavy duty cargo rack for bicycles with electricity generation

Problem addressed/functional need

Making a bike more useful. Uses include carrying cargo, attachment for standard garden cart, generating electricity, portable battery pack and power center. Other applications are possible..

Functional Description/approach

This is a bike rack that functions as a heavy duty rack and also can pivot to become a bike stand and electricity generator. The rack will hold more weight than a standard bicycle rack (capacity still untested). Potential hitch for garden cart trailer and electricity generation up to 100 watts. There will also be a removable battery pack/ power center. Total system weight should be under 20 lbs and should fit all standard bikes.

How to use the tool

this would be the equivalent of an owners manual, pictures and video are excellent in this section. If the tool has many functions, then these should all be explored here. Example post "__________"

Bill of materials and Sourcing

Rack Aluminum 3/4" square tubing, 1"x1/2" angle, 1 1/2" flat stock Bolts 1/4"

Electrical Generator, 12v 12Ahr battery, 555 charge controller, 115Watt inverter,

Construction/how to build

this section should include basic step by step instructions and include supporting documentation like engineering drawings, CAD or CAM files, as well as supporting photos and videos. If an instructables has already been done on it, a link to the instructable would be perfect here)

Next steps/goals/barriers

This was a successful first prototype, though there were some choices made during the build that could be reviewed.


this section might link to fabricators of the tool or tool components who are members of the farm hack community. If a fabricator has the item listed on Etsy or similar, a link to that listing would be appropriate here too

Ongoing projects

this section might link to project threads on the forum - if you are going to build the tool, please start a project thread in the forum, and post lots of pictures!!

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