Mobile Wash Station

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Low-cost DIY, mobile wash station for increasing efficiency in post-harvest processing. Needs exterior hose or spigot to use. The partnership was Elise McMahon, Liam Turkle, Fay Strongin and Tess Brown-Lavoie (both from Sidewalk Ends Farm in Providence, RI). We started working on it at FarmHack RISD and then finished it on 12 May in Providence.
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This wash station is built according to the dimensions fot the 1.75 bushel nolt's green bins (, but measurements could easily be adjusted to fit with any other size vessel. We like this size, and we have some bins with holes and a comparably sized tupperware that holds water. A general materials list is as follows:

3-6 nolt's 1.75 bushel green bins (any other uniformly sized wash bin with strong edges will do--choose based on preferences re size, holes or no holes, other uses...) about 6 pressure treated 2 x 4 x 8's about 2 pressure treated 1 x 4 x 8's one 1'' diameter wooden dowel 2 small rubber wheels, and metal rod for axel hardware (2 1/2 inch screws?) Tools: - electric drill - chop saw Accessories: - shade cloth--we use an old sheet that we stake into the ground on whichever side of the station is facing the sun. the original design has a shade cloth that is too small to protect the vegetables - hooks for crossbar - bike basket to hold scissors / rubber bands / harvesting implements/ etc.

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