Mobile Chicken Processing Station

Tool Concept


Insitu was approached by a local poultry farmer with and increased demand in poultry production. His needs include a mobile processing station that could be moved to various chicken pen locations - 2-4 per week - and process at least 100 chickens a week. The platform needed to accommodate 2-4 people, be mobile, provide overhead cover, and contain all necessary equipment. Scalder, plucker, evisceration table, chilling tubs, and drying rack. The need for potable heated and cooled water also existed and solutions are being developed in tandem. The solution consists of (2) Farm Tuff utility trailers - - connected one behind the other. The trailer decks will be custom made using greenwood and will be 6 feet wide and can adjust in length from 8 feet to 10 feet - which will allow for testing and the need for any additional work space in the future. Each is rated to handle up to 4,000 lbs. Trailers have been delivered and fabrication has started. Progress images will be posted.
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