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One of the hardest tasks in the garlic farming business is separating or breaking the garlic bulbs into plantable cloves. Labor costs are high and most hired help quits before you have all the cloves you need to be planted and to be honest I don’t blame people for quitting. Just like any crop, the more you plant, the higher the potential for profits. Most garlic farms are small because it’s very time consuming from planting to harvest.
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You can find mechanical garlic breakers for sale in China, but who in their right mind would send a check to an unknown exporter in hopes that you will receive the machine. If you’re lucky enough to receive it, will it work? What’s your recourse if it’s not what you expected? Another option is one company in Canada that sells a mechanical garlic breaker, but when you see how much they want for it I consider it more of a wallet breaker than. a garlic breaker. The first cotton mill was functioning in the late 1700’s and here in the 21st century most farmers are still breaking garlic by hand. I think that’s maily because they can’t find a machine to do it, or some machines are way beyond their financial reach. I’ve been using our patent pending mechanical breaker on our farm for the last 7 years. Much research went into it and it was well worth it because it works like a charm. It produces ready to plant garlic cloves as fast as you can load the hopper with garlic bulbs. Our machine is a 3 stage mechanical garlic breaker. Drive rollers are fully adjustable to accommodate any size garlic bulb. • 3 stage machine • 110v electric gear motor • Pneumatic wheels for easy moving • Forklift lift bars • All steel construction • Extremely heavy duty machine • Weighs approx. 400lbs • 48” x 40” x 30” • Steel chain and sprocket driven • Reduces costly labor • Extremely fast process

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