Cold Frame with Recycled Windows

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Use salvaged windows and materials to construct a mini-greenhouse for season extension. These cold frames can be used to warm soil before planting directly in the ground, create a micro climate for seedlings and starts, overwinter dormant plants, and more.
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Instructions for building your Cold Frame

  1. Place one D (long 2”x2”x12” inner support) and one E (short 2”x2”x7”) three feet apart on a level surface.

  2. Lay B (3’x8” rectangular side piece) on D and E, flush at both ends. Drive screws through pre-drilled holes, using power drill or Phillips head screwdriver.

  3. Lay C (tapered 3’ side piece) on D and E, as flush as possible with B and drive screws through pre-drilled holes. Note: There will be a small overhang beyond D and E—this is for ventilation.

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 but reverse the placement of D and E, so that the second side piece has the opposite direction of tapering. At the end of this step, when the two side pieces are placed next to each other with D and E facing, the tapers should be parallel.

  5. Stand one side wall up, and at the taller end, attach A (back, bottom board) to D, with the end flush.

  6. Stand the other side wall on end and attach it to A at the taller end, with D on the inside.

  7. Attach the other A (front, bottom board) to the side walls at the shorter end.

  8. At the front of the box, on top of A, attach F, keeping F flush with A as much as possible. Again note: The boards will not be flush with the top of D and E—for ventilation.

  9. At the back of the box, above A, attach G, keeping G flush with A as much as possible.

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