Urban Farm Challenge

The Urban Farm Challenge is a competition to create the tools to greatly lower the barrier to developing urban farms in marginal urban spaces (or anywhere else).

The challenge’s main aim is to produce an open source design for an integrated food production system which can increase overall yields (in calorie terms) at least 2x (and preferably more) over the best traditional organic soil based solutions. In addition the solutions should significantly decrease the overall knowledge and skill required to produce these yields reliably and under a wide range of conditions.

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Urban Farm Challenge

Hi all,

I am new to this community so please excuse posting to the wrong topic. I am setting up an incentive prize (like the X Prize) to promote open source integrated urban farm design. It is early days but I am looking for 3 things: 1, feedback on the design of the prize, 2, potential members of the judging panel (i.e. experts in the different fields required) and 3, potential competitors for when the prize goes live.

You can read about the prize here: https://herox.com/urbanfarm

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Thanks Dorn. I have created an Open Shop for the challenge here: http://farmhack.net/shop/urban-farm-challenge. Can you give me some pointers on setting up a blog post (I have content) and more than happy to host an open hour or join an organisers call or both. Just let me know how to go about it.

regards, Nick