SoilHack is an open group space created to facilitate the collaborative investigation of soil health and the development of tools and techniques for soil improvement.

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Farm Hack 2018 Wales

We've begun the process of organising a Farm Hack gathering in mid Wales 24th to the 30th of september 2018.

Having issues, both creating an event on the calender and creating a non-tool wiki page.  Wonder if its my browser (Firefox 58.0.1 running in Fedora - all add-ons disabled), or are these features currently not available?

Will add more details as things progress

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ormr's picture

Thank you for the logo. The page still isn't fixed though.

Did it have such things as the hi-res logo on it? Having resources for making promotional material makes the whole process a lot easier for the organisers.

I was also hoping for the logos with the subtitles, if that's not too much trouble.