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SoilHack is an open group space created to facilitate the collaborative investigation of soil health and the development of tools and techniques for soil improvement.

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Forum Topics from Organization's members

Hi res versions of logos please, maybe flyer templates too?

Hello again,

I was already provided with a high res version of the main FH logo here

Would also be nice if I could have the same for the 2 different subtitled logos.

Once I have that I can have a go at making a flyer template which could then be downloaded and the relevant local info added. I'm thinking half page is generally best, but maybe quarter too. Not my area of expertise this, but I'll have a go. If anyone else would like to help, please do.

Forum Comments from Organization's members
Darren's picture

I like this idea democratises the assets. But it would be great to use email addresses.

I dont like the general over reliance almost everywhere on Google - gmail, hangouts, youtube, search, drive, docs etc. They get way to much of everyones data!!!! and have you ever stopped to read the terms and conditions? I read a bit of their email terms and you are effectively handing many rights over to them.

Could set up email on a server somewhere (obvious disadvantage is more work for devs/admin) or run redirects - some domain hosts give loads of redirects - eg. 1000 with

List of alternatives to gmail worth considering -