Rural Advancement Foundation International - RAFI

We're teaming up with Farm Hack on a Kickstarter project called Growing Innovation. Check it out here:

If successful, this project will create a new and extensive online library of innovative farm projects and sustainable models for small farmers. The crew at Farm Hack is going to work with RAFI to bring all of those projects and models to the Farm Hack website.

We'd love it if members of the Farm Hack community joined in to make this project a success. For chipping in just $5 bucks, you'll receive an awesome poster and snazzy stickers from Farm Hack, and a Growing Innovation booklet featuring a generous handful of farm projects and photos. There are tons of other great rewards for supporters, here's the link to learn more:

The Rural Advancement Foundation International's mission is to cultivate markets, policies, and communities that sustain thriving, socially just, and environmentally sound family farms. RAFI is a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

Our vision: - Family farmers have the power to earn a fair and dependable income. - Everyone who labors in agriculture is respected, protected, and valued by society. - Air, water, and soil are preserved for future generations. - The land yields healthy and abundant food and fiber that is accessible to all members of society. - The full diversity of seeds and breeds, the building blocks of agriculture, are reinvigorated and publicly protected.