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Change the blog link on the front page

Step 1: Request "Volunteer" role for your user account that will get you additional permissions on the site. Come to the Thursday night Farm Hack Organizers call at 7pm EDT and someone will be there to add the volunteer role to your account.

Step 2: Go to and fill out the form. Focus on Title, Image, and URL fields as they are the only ones that show up on the front page, the others are legacy from when the blog was on the front page.

If you want to edit a blog listing on the front page, go to and then filter by type: blog. You'll see the post in the resulting list.

How to make a post in the conversations forum section of Farm Hack

There are more instructions and suggestions for formats and embedding content on the tool template wiki and on the Getting Started page

How to add an event to the Calendar

Creating and Managing Tools on - Part 1

Creating and Managing Tools on - Part 2

Posting Videos in your documentation on

embedding a google doc

Administrator help

Sticky at forum topic to the top

Create a new Event Forum