Food Solutions New England

Food Solutions New England (FSNE) is a regional food systems learning-action network dedicated to advancing a sustainable New England food system. The FSNE network is organized around four interrelated activities:

A New England Food Vision, a bold vision that calls for our region to build the capacity to produce up to 70% of food that is produced in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner, that promotes health and is accessible by all New Englanders by 2060; New England state food planning initiatives; annual New England food summits and topical workshops; and related analysis, communication and visualization.

The UNH Sustainability Institute serves as the backbone organization for FSNE. Since its inception in 2006, FSNE has advanced its mission by linking a common agenda, shared measurement, continuous communication, and synergestic activities.

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After copying several articles from sections of scanned text that had some strange formatting - I found a couple techniques that help. If the test is oddly spaced - whole sections can be pasted into the subject line of an e-mail to remove the formatting. It can then be pasted and edited more easily. Other ways of doing this?

I also found that if there are two columns that are not in a separate text box that if they are pasted into word, highlighted and a table inserted that the columns will separate and the text from each can be copied and pasted properly.