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What is your current thermometer missing?

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Hi everyone, I'm part of a hardware startup called Thermodo - we've built a tiny electrical thermometer for your mobile device that let's you measure the temperature - right where you are. I'm here at FarmHack as many of the Thermodo users are farmers or working in agronomy and we're currently seeking insights in how we can better serve farmers with our product and companion app. And apart from close dialogue with our current users, I wanted to check if any of you here at FarmHack would be interested in sharing what features in such an app/device would be helpful for you as a farmer? Feedback is much appreciated!

To learn more about our tiny thermometer please go see www.thermodo.com

On a more personal note I'm Danish, living in San Francisco and while not being a farmer I've always been a plant nerd - currently trying to build a squirrel deterrent device to keep those cute bastards away from my strawberries.

Warm regards, Sarah

Our Premium Thermodo - $44.99

R.J. Steinert's picture

Hi Sarah,

I've worked on the Fido, the greenhouse alert system that sits in a greenhouse and sends a text message or email when the temperature is out of bounds. I've considered Thermodo for the Fido design but didn't go with it because interfacing Thermodo with a Raspberry Pi took an extra board that blew up the cost higher than going with a USB thermometer. With Android phones falling in price I think there is potential there that an Android phone could end up replacing the Raspberry Pi, in which case a Thermistor with a 3.5mm Audio connector would be a good fit for the design.

- RJ