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Third-party "tools" posting?

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Is there currently a FarmHack provision - or a policy or consensus - concerning posting URLs, images, or imbedded videos of useful tools shown and demonstrated on the internet?

Example of what I mean: Say I come across a good design for a DIY tool, device, or piece of equipment. The original designer/fabricator has shared it via a Youtube vid (or MakeZine article, or some other site/format). And, say, I want to share it with others here. Is it okay for me to do this... and, if so, how should I do it?

(Could be someone else has been doing this and I've just not noticed this being the case, and how they've done it. Or, could be the question's been addressed before. So in either case please excuse my ignorance.)

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Hi Joel,
Please do share! I think most folks have posted links, or embedded the content in a tool forum post. You could also start a stand alone wiki and link to it. If you are up for writing a blog about it, there is a team that is gearing up to generate more blog content which might be a good fit too. We have talked about adding more of this reddit type of function to the social side of the site, so it is great to hear your take on it.

Of course it would be fantastic to reach out to the author and see if they would cross post directly themselves...

The Farm Hack web team is working on some improvements to the tool pages, so stay tuned and look forward to your feedback! The new tool organization may make posting these kinds of links clearer - I think it would be great if we had a space(Skills section) for curating videos of fabrication and other technical skills that the Farm Hack community finds useful.