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I want to put out the call for anyone to let me know about practical (tried and proved-out) home-built equipment or set-ups & devices, DIY projects, etc that can be of value to homesteaders, market gardeners, and small farms. I have a Pinterest board at: https://www.pinterest.com/joelbc/homestead-methods-tools-equipment/

This is something I'm experimenting with, using it to inform people in need of technical info. What I have on there now are either things and approaches I myself am using, or that make solid sense to me - after 20+ years on my own homestead.

I want to add more entries. Supply me with the URL, please. I need pages with an online description of the thing or project, and with one or more illustrative photos (diagrams or plans along with actual photos are fine, too). Thanks.

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I think most of us hate the price of expensive repairs to worn parts and the down time that goes with those repairs. I have been using a product called RVS and it actually rebuilds worn metal parts while they are in place and working. I just add it to the lubrication and the compounds micro-weld loose metal fragments in the lube back to the worn surface and form a ceramic layer that lasts longer than the metal pieces themselves. Crazy stuff man! Any place that has metal to metal contact and lubrication can benefit from this super goo. Fix your bearings, cylinder walls, squeaky parts and pumps! This stuff saves down time and money which we all need to keep on keeping on. Check it out at www.greenerplanetenterprises.com

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I've added some new bits - useful stuff for the homestead or small farm.

Don't forget, I want suggestions. So please pass relevant info & links my way. You can use this thread for that.