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Site Visits and Presentations at Farm Hack NYC

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DB Co-op: appropriate mechanisms tailoring design for human power -- specifically wet material / weed shredder

Gowanus Canal Conservancy: in need of a weed shredder and compost sifter. As well as volunteers to propose projects that will trap and treat storm water - revitalize the gowanus canal community

Ellis of Build it Green!: Looking for people to propose projects for material waste re-use. Example was using wood from scaffolding to build raised beds in community gardens/urban farms/schools. BIG! acting as a resource

Willis - presented on the history of NYC waterways, pollution, etc.

Jae of Project Eats: Talked about her farm site in Harlem at the Frederick Douglass Houses (NYCHA) and her trouble with rats -- keeping them out of the beds, compost, etc. Also, engaging the community - getting them to see that farming is not the harvesting. - resources on rats/rodents

Brooklyn Grange: Problem with soil erosion from wind, loss of nutrients from rainwater drainage, trellising in shallow soil. In need of a pedal powered bed cultivator/shaper. -A way to catch rainwater before it drains out with sump pumps on the roof of the grange. A rigid framework for trellising.

Our Goods - talk on bartering, website as a resource

596 Acres - talk on how to get access to land, their website as resource

Zach of RiverPark Farm - created a mobile farm modular system for stalled sites. 1 milk crate lined with landscape cloth. Looking for ways to seed efficiently in modular crates, ways to track crops for rotation, good fertilizer and watering options that work within the modular system. - A tool modification that would allow Zach to seed continuous "beds".

Feedback Farms - have 2 sites in Brooklyn using a mobile container system - 1 ton sack with sub-irrigation. Used an arduino to chart sunlight and temperature. Also set up multiple irrigation systems in sacks and testing those options to find the best one.