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Machine for hulling peanuts

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Hi, I am new to farmhack forum.  I work in a rural community in Guatemala.  We want to make peanut butter and we have our first peanut harvest.  We find that it takes forever to remove the shells.  Can someone help me with a design for a machine to remove the shells?  It does not need to handle high volumes since we are a small operation. We can even sort the nuts from the shells ourselves.  Something simple that removes the shell without destroying the peanut.

Thanks,  Matt C.


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Hi Matt,

Did you come up with something for your peanuts? I am currently in Belize and thinking of heading to Guatemala. Where in Guatemala are you located? Perhaps i could be of assistance to you. I am good at making machines and i come with my small arc welder so together we could fabricate something.

For an example of my work see the Water Wheel Transplanter or my log at wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Aidan_Log



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I first learned about this in 2006 when I was in Guatemala!  The folks who made this were testing out whether they could make one for macadamia nuts.  Anyway, I was told that it was extremely popular in the part of Africa that relies on peanuts for protein.  https://www.instructables.com/id/Universal-Nut-Sheller/