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Electric cultivating tractor

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I know there are lots of folks out there who have done the Allis G electric tractor and it is really well documented elsewhere. If there are farm hack members with experience with this conversion, or interested in building an open source "G like" tractor I would be really interested to jump in. Ben, you have the allis G sketchup files right? I think that together we could probably put together enough information for the start of a good tool wiki on the topic. We could then do some sub-tool wikis for G-type implements like the various tine weeding approaches etc.

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Good idea Dorn, I just put up a tools page about this project, http://www.farmhack.net/tools/electric-tractor-conversion

I don't know how to upload the sketchup file of my Allis G, do you know how?

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I have a few G's, and one converted to electric. Allis made 25,000 G's, and stopped making them in 1953.

A million new farmers will need more tractors than the existing stock of old G's. I've started stockpiling components for an open-source junkyard tractor.

Stay tuned...

Also producer (wood) gas is awesome.

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We should talk with RJ about posting sketchup files. Until he gets it figured out you could post it to the 3D warehouse and then post a link to it in the listing. Here is a link to a sketchup Kubota I will start another thread to discuss our own sketchup library....

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Grant, No need to worry about the future, there is another "G" made in Alabama. I have owned one since 2010 and know folks that have owned them for 40 years and still going strong. After 40 years the only problem was a leaky fuel tank which was replaced immediately by the new owner. This tractor is called a Tuffbilt and offers standard hydrostatic transmission and dual 3-point hitches (cat. 0) with hydraulics. The company has already delivered an electric model but is not currently manufacturing same. The best part is the standard hitch (unlike the original "G") thus one can purchase or make components not available from the OEM. The original "G" was manufactured for 7 years only the Tuffbilt now over 40! I use vegetable knives and other components on the front(mid-mount) hitch and the tine weeder on the rear hitch.