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Drying Herbs in a Humid Climate

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I'm looking to start drying herbs without electricity in Florida, and I'm concerned about them reaching a low enough moisture content. Anyone have experience with drying in a humid climate? I'm thinking some kind of solar box with sawdust floor to soak up moisture, but I also want to retain medicinal compounds of herbs. Open to all the ideas! 

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we are in new jersey which has typical summer heat, but some days in recent years have been brutal with the humidity (and i've lost a few batches of my beloved herbs) some things i do when it's gross outside: avoid drying racks (love them, collect them, ditch them when it's august and im a sweaty mess) the solar dehydrator is an awesome tool for drying herbs and i have some plans for a few neat ones if you want links! my kids and i have made twenty-minute pizza box dehydrators that worked as well as the more intricate designs i've found. heck, just make a solar screen and set it outside or on your car dashboard. just keep an eye on them, it's quicker than you'd think and you don't want to bleach them. 

some herbs i struggle with even using the above, and so i try to soak them (fresh)  in oils/vinegars for condiment / salves etc