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Developing Pedal or Human Powered Tractor

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I am building a human powered farm tractor for worldwide distribution. This is a topic for exploring applications, features, and matching equipment.

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I can't wait to see this design process unfold. It would be great to host a google hangout on this topic so that we can get more people who are interested talking together about this.

Will you be joining us this weekend in Boston for the pedal power event?

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The first prototype/test chasis is advance enough to create a video for crowdfunding. Hopefully can shoot some video next week. Then editing and uploading the finished video. Capabilities achieved thus far are mobility, drawbar for pulling trailers and equipment, and a working three point hitch.

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Finally have a working protoype built and created a video for a GoFundMe campaign to raise startup capital. Once the tractor has been refined into a final product, I expect that we will be producing equipment for small and micro farms. This is a growing market and there is demand for green powered equipment. If all of you can comtribute a small amount so that I can get past the $500 threshold, GoFundMe will open up the campaign to the search engines, which then people around the world can contribute. Thanks to all. Here is the link to the video. http://gofundme.com/qy3k9h9s Or you can see it on You Tube with the title, "GFM Campaign".