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BSF larvae collection

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The number of larvae collected from each container was tracked over the 18 month research period. Attached is a graph and table with the data. I began and ended the project counting how many larvae climbed out of each container. During the winter months a gutter system was made to collect the excess liquid that was expected to drain out. Small holes were drilled in the bins to collect this run off, but unfortunately many of the larvae crawled through them into the gutter. This made it impossible to keep an accurate count of how many larvae crawled out of each container. That is why the number of larvae collected are all combined in the table and not distinguished between containers. I expected to see a steady increase in the number of larvae collected as the project progressed. Instead the data shows big ups and downs throughout the research period. I think a lot of that is based on the temperature conditions month to month, and possibly the short day length in the winter. A major inconsistency throughout the project was the type of farm food waste available seasonally. In the summer there were a lot of fleshy vegetable waste like peppers and tomatoes, but in the winter they were fed greater quantities of coffee grounds, leftover squash, and household waste. This could have affected the larvae nutrition levels and growth rate. Additionally, the larvae did not eat as much during cold weather when their metabolism slowed down.