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Automatic chicken tractor

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Ill make the idea short and quick. Have a chicken tractor made out of recycled pallets mounted on two metal studs or 2 skis/snowboards (something that will slide on the grass easily). Have a timed Big Wheel (kids toy) or electric motor with wheels to move the tractor a certain amount a feet a day. You c=could also program it to move the tractor twice a day. To keep the battery charged if your super lazy you could always attach a mini solar panel to the Big Wheel. That would be your biggest expense. I am going to try and build this over the summer but Im rebuilding my house now and that's kind of taking priority. Let me know what you guys think of it. Thanks enjoy the site

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I have been wondering about using 12v winches to move chicken tractors / henhouses. They can run off of a car battery and move things very slowly. A solar panel could recharge it easily. Once a week the farmer could move whatever the winch is attached to once the cable is mostly wound up (auger in the ground, heavy thing, or attach cable to another tree).

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What if you just had a 12v solar panel hooked up to the wench directly? That way you save the expense of a battery assuming you don't mind it not running at a constant rate.

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I think that could work Louis. But you might want it to move only a certain amount per day-- for example you maybe wouldn't want the chicken house to go the whole 50' of the winch cable in one day, but rather 10' per day for 5 days. How easy would it be to add in a "controller" that would limit the length of winch travel per time period?