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the top hinges in the back cutting water lines the pink part of the agitator shaft was attached to the spinning drum, and the grey part on the top drives the plastic agitator. %100 silicone stainless steel bowl siliconed on ready to load

This project was inspired by one of our dearest farm mentors. We had been using the "kelvinator" washing machine to spin our greens. This was my first washing machine so it has some sentimental value. It had been working great as a spinner. Now, after a minor surgery, it's AWESOME! I am not a washing machine guru. This is the only one I've altered. I will describe how it worked for my "kelvinator" in hopes that it can inspire others to get out the angle grinder! Thanks everyone!! This is FUN!

-Unplug the unit! -make sure your angle grinder will fit, its a tight space -open top like a chest, there were hinges in the back. It had metal clips on the front that held it fast. I pinched those with pliers to close them so I wouldn't have to fight it open every time. -remove the hot and cold water hoses that feed into the top -remove top plastic round shield -remove agitator, the core of the agitator was left. I realized after i cut it off, that the core shaft has a rod inside of it. The machine had to drive power to the agitator in a way where the whole drum would be separate -i would recommend using cardboard to protect the angle grinder from throwing metal dust onto the inside of the drum. i had to scrub this hardened material off of mine -earplugs, eye protection, gloves, shirt, hardhat, steel toe shoes, long pants, be safe around power tools! -Cut that annoying shaft out of your way. its very thick, i cut as low as i could. -whats left after the cut is a little nasty. its a place that will gather water and leaves, and will be hard to clean -I used %100 silicone to attach a stainless steel bowl -We load by lifting the whole top of the unit up instead of using the door on the top. I have that duct taped closed

That's it. Saved $2000 by not buying a commercial spinner. It works great! Loading and Unloading is much easier. Make sure to load evenly so the washer isn't rocking side to side. It will prolong the life of the unit and it will dry more effectively. Be aware of the location of your plug. Mine is on an extension cord so i make sure its not getting water sprayed on it.