Fido, the temperature alarm that sends text messages

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Fido on Arduino The Fido App from Raspberry Pi based Fido
What is Fido?

Fido is a farmer-built electronic tool that can monitor greenhouse temperature, record greenhouse data, and alert the farmer to problems in the greenhouse via cell phone text message. This tool is much more affordable than commercially available greenhouse alarms. Fido has been tested by several farmers to ensure that it is accessible and appropriate for various operations...

There are currently two versions of Fido. To build the first version requires soldering, in the second version the pieces snap together without soldering.

  • Demo of the Arduino based Fido 1.0 -> (need's a link)
  • Demo of the Raspberry Pi based Fido 2.0 -> Video Demo
Build a Fido

Know how to solder? These instructions are for you -> Build instructions for Fido 1.0, the solder together Fido

Want to snap together a Fido without soldering? These instructions will be for you but they are not finished yet -> Build instructions for Fido 2.0, the plug and play Fido

Install a Fido

Guides on installing Fidos coming soon.

How to use your Fido

Guides on using your Fido coming soon.

Ask the developers a question

The Fido developers are subscribed to the forum you'll find down below. Click on any of the Topic categories right below "Tool Forum" and the developers will get an email that you asked a question. We'll get back to you in a day or two. We love questions!

Participate in the Fido 2.0 Beta

If you want to take part in the beta testing get in contact with R.J. Steinert.