Farm Shop Basics

Tool list: Oxy acetylene or Propane (propane may be preferable - since mostly for cutting and heating rather than welding) metal cutting bandsaw (or sawzall or hacksaw) Grinder (4 1/2 inch for starters) Basic stick welder (or Mig, better; mobile stick or mig also acts as backup generator for the farm) Drill Press (Floor model with low RPMs might be better than table-mount) Rod cans to prevent rusty rods Basic mechanic drive set (1/2", 3/8") Auto darkening helmet (can get for roughly $100) Heavy vice Vicegrips all sorts heavy steel clamps Floor fan for ventilation Steel table (can mount with press, vice) Standard metal stock: c-channel, square tubing, bar stock (raid steel yards for shorties and scrap stock) Warehouse steel racking to keep things clean and orderly Rods: 60-10, 7-18... Step bits - great for opening up holes Die grinder Wire brush Air compressor for die grinder, etc. Shop press w/ press break attachment Air nibbler for sheet metal cutting Shop broom, roller magnet (invest in a good heavy-duty broom and dustpan) Leather welding coat Flex-core wire for beginners, messy job but easier than stick Sanding table Bench grinder or other grinding wheel (great for sharpening drill bits) Cutting oil Centerpunch OTHER LAYOUT TOOLS? Impact wrench

Safety equipment goggles or full face protection (better), ear protection, gloves, welding coat, dust mask or respirator (fresh air respirators are best)

Mid/high level tools: Mill (bridgeport etc.) Metal Lathe Tig Welder Sheet metal tools - brakes, English wheel, Planishing hammer etc. Mag drill Boring bar tool for mill Cold-cut saw Iron worker (shear/punch) Blacksmith tools (forge/swages/tongs/power hammer etc.) tubing bender and fish eye cutter

For Equipment Repair Phone list of parts suppliers and shops for the work you don't want to do multimeter for troubleshooting electrical problems flashlight good measuring equipment - tape measures, 6" and 12" scales, calipers and micrometers set of pry bars set of drifts lots of hammers, up to at least a 10lb sledge Jacks and jackstands hydraulic press good 1/2" impact wrench lots of wrenches - sockets from 1/4" through 3/4" drive, combination wrenches through at least 1 1/4", good adjustable wrenches from 6" through at least 15"

Tips and tricks: Take vocational courses - there's an industrial welding school in upstate NY Watch YouTube videos Welders get you out of a jam - weld onto it Blacksmither's creed: make your tools! Keep drill bits sharpened Buy good bits upfront to save a lot of hassle and waste down the road