Waterer for rotational grazing

Tool Concept
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Primary problem statement:
I am a rancher and I want a tool to provides water to cows at low cost and is easy to move because rotational grazing depends on flexible water systems.
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Easy to move, low cost watering system that reduces issues associated with fixed watering locations.
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Problem Statement/functional need
Areas around waterers in paddocks often get over used, muddy and compacted. Concrete is expensive and permanent and doesn't grow grass. Buried systems are also expensive to install and not flexible if paddocks or grazing plans change. The design is low cost and flexible to enable new fields to be set up quickly and at low cost and spread animal traffic out and avoid compaction and muddy areas.

Functional Description/approach

The assembly is simply to attach heavy rubber hose to branches from a central waterline run to temporary paddocks. The 30-50' rubber hose provides a flexible kink free section to enable the tubs to easily be moved to new locations. The tub end of the rubber hose is attached to the PVC bracket over the lip of the juice drum which positions the float valve such that it is secure from animals fiddling with it. The 1" Hudson Valve is threaded into the PVC section. 3/4" fittings and waterlines are far less expensive than 1" and provide enough flow to quickly keep up with animal use. The float valve has survived two winters without issue and the animals can't mess with it. Hose joints are all double clamped with cinch type clamps which are fast to make and when double clamped are tough and do not leak. If a hose needs to be replaced or extended, it can be cut, a joint added can reclamped under pressure without getting too wet.

How to use the tool
To move the waterer, simply push over and use the PVC arch to pick up the waterer and move it to a new location. IT will automatically refill. The waterers are inexpensive enough (under $100 in materials) that many can be built and set up even within a single field. If field maintenance is needed (pasture clipping etc.) the waterers can easily be moved to the side of the field.

The primary risk is that a waterer is dumped over which will leave the pressurized system running until it is discovered. A FIDO or similar water level alert of flow alert would be a logical module/improvement to add to this waterer design.

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