Triangle quick-attach to 3 point hitch

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This quick attach system enables more rapid and safer changing of implements than a standard three point hitch. The design also enables use of a standard three point hitch if the tractor side portion of the quick attach system is not installed.
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Problem addressed/functional need

Changing three point implements can be difficult and time consuming and create dangerous situations when a second person assists hitching up between the tractor and implement. This is especially true when multiple implements changes are made in a single day...

Functional Description/approach

This implement self aligns and securely locks the tractor and implement together to enable the tractor operator to back in and connect to a new implement without leaving the tractor.

How to use the tool

See posted pdf (in french)

Bill of materials and Sourcing

See posted posted images and pdf (in french)

Plans specify metric dimensions for channel and tubing which don't match up with American Standard Steel stock available at most steel yards. Standard 3” c channel has about 2.54” interior surface - leaving very little play (less than 1/16th) but should work using 2.5” tube .120 wall 3.8840 lbs/ft - which is close to the specification but with less play than the design specified (about 1/8" play)

In practice 3" x 4.1# standard C channel has too much sidewall interference to get a good seat without binding. The solution developed at the November 9-10th 2013 Farm Hack Build day is to make a 1/4" rip down the 2 1/2 tubing, squeeze and re-weld. This creates a perfect fit. The remaining design elements then translate perfectly. Other alternatives have also been tested. Alternative II: rip the "C" channel with a plasma cutter and welded bar stock to give the 1/4 play and to get a better fit. Alternative III: Build up the channel and the sides of the tube with bar stock to prevent binding.

Some additional developments were also proposed at the Nov 9 Build day - in particular to the tractor side quick connect. A simple spring loaded pin welded just bellow the top of the tractor side triangle that would extend and lock into the implement side reinforcing plate. The pin could be retracted from the tractor seat with a rope pull, and be easier to fabricate than either the commercial latches or the welded nut and bolt assembly as diagrammed in the ADA-BIO designs.

The cost of implement channel is about $60 for 20 feet - which is enough for four Cat II implement hitches at a bit over $15 per hitch plus tabs, and reenforcement etc.

The cost of the tractor side 2.5" tubing is about $7 per foot or about $35 for just the tubing for the tractor hitch without tabs, gussets and other reenforcement. Materials for the quick connect pin are about $14.

The proposed placement can be seen in the following sketchup drawing [

Construction/how to build

See forum post [](

See posted pdf (in french)

And here

and images posted from November 2013 build day

Add images from other shop builds and designs

Next steps/goals/barriers

See if there is interest to translate and publish "guide de l'auto-construction"

Post converted designs to work with American standard steel stock and complete category II sketch-up drawings, and post Cat I drawings

a sketchup drawing has been started for the Cat II hitch here [

field test quick connect system - especially tractor side for interference with PTO shafts. Some designs have a bottom reenforcement and others are open at the bottom.

improve implement side design to facilitate ease of customization to variety of implements.

Ongoing projects

Current category II tractor and implement side testing and refinement with single pin quick latch design

Updates on reinforced implement side hitches

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