Tough inexpensive pastured pig waterer

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Pigs are tough on equipment. This simple water system doesn't tip in a pasture situation, stays clean and prevents the pigs from disturbing the hose connection.
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Problem Statement Pigs are very rough of equipment and will chew, drag and rub. "Pig proofing" is especially challenging in a pasture situation with nothing to secure things to. A water system must be able to withstand abuse and also stay clean and functional. This tool was created to address the challenge of building a dependable water system for pigs that can be made with off the shelf components quickly and on farm.


assemble 3/4" pipe fittings with pig waters attached as shown in the photos. Materials list is roughly as follows:

4 x 90º elbows 4 x 3/4" pipe nipples (threaded straight pipe) 2 x pig waterer nipples 1 x 3/4 "Tee" 1 x 3/4 to female hose adapter PVC and handle as described concrete

Pour concrete using 12" sonotube and then peel it off after the concrete dries.

Don't forget a handle. I made my 1/2" brass set up a T with arms coming up and hooking for pig nipple screw in. You can get them at Agway or TSC. Don't use iron pipe, I've heard it's not good for potable water.

You'll need a 1/2" female pipe thread to 3/4" female hose thread piece to attach hose inside the removable PVC part. I used a PVC cap with 1/2" hole drilled for pipe cemented in and then just sawed off a piece that I can take on and off so I can get to hose attachment, otherwise pigs eat the hose attachment.

The quick attach hose parts don't last because pigs might move waterers around and eventually the side action breaks them off. Screw on seems to do fine. With good hose and lots of entertainment in the woods running around, the pigs didn't mess with the hose much.

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Thank you so much for the pig waterer design. I think it will solve my trouble with pigs and water. I don’t have Sono-tube. An easy alternative is to simply cut the sidewall out of an old tire and pour the cement in. Choose the tire size based on your strength, and the size of pigs you will be using it with. The page mentions doubts about using iron pipe with potable water. Black iron pipe rusts out pretty quick, use galvanized iron pipe instead. Galvanized iron pipe is much cheaper than brass and will last many years. Andrew
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