Solar Powered Lazy Weeder

Tool Concept


A slow but efficient - and easy on the back - device for weeding vegetable beds of about 30 metres in length. Powered by a solar panel, the platform and weeder are slowly drawn along the bed by a winch turned by recycled materials found around the farm. Lazy transplanter in planning phase!
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Hi, I think this is a great idea. The wheels could be adjustable width for different beds. Also, running a rope underneath attached to a stake at the end of the row would eliminate the cost of a winch and solar pannel but may be hard to pull ones own weight. Id love to see this in action! I like the use of canvas, I think this could be made affordable, and portable very easily. Also, putting a mirror on the bottom and an umbrella on the top (w/a mister ;) would allow the farmer to work longer and still remain aware of his surroundings.
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