Skidsteer quick attach standards SAE J2513

Tool Concept
Commercial Product


The SAE J2513 known also as the bobcat skidsteer quick attach has become a common standard for other tractor and implement manufacturers. This post provides standards and approaches to compliment commercial adapters already available.
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Problem addressed/functional need

Universal quick attach plates are available commercially, however, there are some instances where custom fabrication of tractorside or implemet side adapters may make sense. This tool provides dimensions and some examples. Standard can be found here

Functional Description/approach

The standard dimensions of the quick attach provide a method for universal connections of many loader mounted implements, and also provides the template to build non-commercially available adapters such as skidsteer to three point hitch, skidsteer to triangle adapter, skidsteer to excavator quick attaches.

Bill of materials

steel cut list (tractor side)

Other materials (implement side)

Steel cut list (implement side)

Next steps/goals/barriers

Further translate dimensions and document a building steps and designs to facilitate more adaptations (lower profile, lighter, stronger, faster, etc.)

Example of build was posted by JRP on Tractorsbynet - the last three photos are of his design.


A few of the commercial adapter fabricators

Ongoing projects

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