shipping container post-harvest shed/commercial kitchen

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This project turns a 40' insulated shipping container into a fully operational post processing station and cold storage unit as well as a commercial kitchen for value added processing. This project can be built in under $10,000 and combines several readily available technologies such as solar-hot water systems and the cool-bot so that a farmer can process, add value and store produce from a small farm without needing to pull building permits or worry about long term tenure.
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Hey there - I really hope you see this. I'd like to see the plans and supporting documents for your shipping container post-harvest shed/commercial kitchen. Can you send them to me? It says you have "ie. SketchUp files, CAD drawings, photos, video, technical drawings" Thanks, Jordan Maple Bloom Farm
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Hi Adam, I'm really interested in your project, as I'm designing a post harvest shed in a permaculture farm and it would be awesome to get some inspiration from your idea. How can I access the drawings? thanks, Fran
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