Root Vegetable Bed lifter

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This a root vegetable bedlifter. It was designed by a Local Potsdam farmer and we were tasked with improving the design. It is attached by a three point hitch and is used to dig underneath shallow root vegetables and loosen the soil around them, making it easier to harvest.
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The uprights on either side are 1x4x30in the cross beam that holds the pins is 3x3x58.75in in the original design, but in the improved design has it at 3x3x46in The pin holders are 3x3 steel cubes with pin holes drilled into them The cutting blade is a recycled snow plow blade provided by the Thruway to our client

The third point of the hitch falls 7.5 in above the bottom of the triangular support that is welded to the top. This is very important because the angles mean everything to getting the bedlifter to work correctly without having extra hand sit on the back or added extra weight.

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