Rocket-clave - A wood-fired autoclave

Tool Concept


The rocket-clave is a wood-fired autoclave. The rocket-clave was designed in order to reduce fossil-fuel consumption (specifically propane) in the production of edible and medicinal mushrooms.
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The Need

The rocket-clave was created in order to reduce the use of fossil fuels in mushroom production, and reduce the cost of producing plugs from farm generated biomass products, which also provide the fuel to operate.

How it works

An autoclave will be constructed. A materials list is being made and will be posted when it becomes available. A 420lb propane tank is to serve as the sterilization chamber. The heat source for the autoclave will be a rocket stove constructed from insulated stainless stove pipe or cinderblocks (see images above). Basic design is based on previous work posted on forums

How to build

Detailed build instruction to be provided as build plans become available.

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