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www.PickACarrot.com is a customized search engine for finding and purchasing seeds. Our website is designed for growers of all sizes to easily locate and compare dozens of seed catalogs in one easy search bar. For certified organic growers, who may struggle to find the varieties they want, our green "Search Organic Seeds" buttons allows you to search only certified seeds available.
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Description www.pickacarrot.com is a free web tool helping farmers locate, compare and purchase seeds from dozens of catalogs without having to sort through each individually. It can be time consuming to read through many entire seed catalogs looking for reliable and intriguing seed varieties for your growing season. Seed companies are always adding and dropping new and and old plant varieties and it can be difficult to keep track of these changes and figuring out where to find the seed you are looking for. Our simple search engine does all that work for you, just type in the seed you want to find.

How to Type in the seed variety you are looking to purchase and click either "Search All seeds" or "Search Organic Seeds" if you are looking for only certified organic varieties.

Results will provide information on each crop variety including the seed source, availability, days to maturity, whether it's open pollinated or hybrid, the total price for each specific quantity and the seeds per dollar.

Since seed companies do not always offer a uniform quantity of seeds, we offer the Seeds per dollar comparative tool. This allows you to compare the amount of seed your are getting for each dollar you spend. The higher the number the higher the dollar value per seed you receive.

Example: Type Brandywine Tomato or Danvers carrot into the search bar and compare each seed company's offerings.

We need your help We are now looking for farmers and growers of all sizes to let us know if this is a useful tool and what they would like to see from a seed search and compare website. Our goal is to build a useful tool, so we want to continue to get feedback to learn where to focus our attention next. For example:

  1. Would you like to purchase seeds directly from www.pickacarrot.com or would you like to be directed to the seed company's themselves?

  2. What features are helpful for you to compare companies?

  3. Do you want a user profile to keep track of your orders each season?

  4. Anything you can dream up that would help make seed locating, comparing, organizing and purchasing easier for you.

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