Pedal-Powered Power Tools

Tool Concept

Primary problem statement:
I am a farmer and I want a tool to replace my tractor for low horsepower jobs where human power is sufficient because it's possible depending on the job and better for my health..
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A stationary human powered generator that provides a power take off to run various other tools
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Links to these types of toolsMaya Pedal Bicycle MachinesRock the Bike Bike BlenderPedal Powered Farms and FactoriesPedal Power Engineeringlow-tech magazine a suggested template for further documentation Problem addressed (please provide a description of the purpose of the tool, and how this addresses a need. For example, commercial versions are too expensive or unavailable etc.)

Functional Description (Please add description of the operating Principles, please provide diagrams or links to references)

How to use the tool (this would be the equivalent of an owners manual, pictures and video are excellent in this section)

Bill of materials and Sourcing (this section should include a list of materials, and dimensions and sources for each item when available)

Construction/how to build (this section should include basic step by step instructions and include supporting documentation like engineering drawings, CAD or CAM files, as well as supporting photos and videos)

Next steps (This section is to highlight what next steps are needed for documentation or construction to move the project along. This might contain a link to a kickstarter campaign or to a forum discussion etc.)

Market Place (this section might link to fabricators of the tool or tool components who are members of the farm hack community)Pedal Power Engineering Here's a shameless plug- we've designed and build more than a dozen pedal powered machines for a variety of applications- all of our designs are open source so feel free to build your own, but if you don't have the resources (time or tools) to build your own, we would be happy to talk about building a custom machine for you. For more information, contact me andy[at]

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