Pastured Pig Hut from re-purposed materials

Tool Concept

Primary problem statement:
I am a Pastured Pig Farmer and I want a tool to Give my pigs highly mobile shelter because We want the pigs to be happy and healthy while making moving from pasture to pasture fast and efficient.
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I wanted an easily moved mobile hut for my pastured Piggy's. It needed to shed water, block wind, take they're abuse but be light enough to handle. I came up with this repurpose idea. In our area of the country there's lots of decommissioned feed bins that end up being scrapped....I noticed this and felt I could repurpose a couple and get years of use from them while serving my Piggy's well, and other critters possisbly too. If you can envision the cylindrical body of a grain bin, then cut it in half, and then into quarters. These quarter cuts are the basis for my Hutt. It needed stiffening to be highly mobile, so I used repurposed Conduit to bolt sled runners to the side. I added Conduit accross the runners to increase stability and to keep it from spreading.. We used a peice of 1" x 1/8" flat stock bolted to the front edge for extra support but it doesn't need it. We took off all the supporting leggs ladder ECT. I used a 4" grinder and zip blade to cut it apart..... Remember to use a face shield and leather gloves. Currently because we're in the middle of winter I'll put a couple tractor scoops of sawdust down under it and then a couple of layers off a round hay bale inside.... face it south and The Piggy's are warm and comfy....And best off all I have less than 20$ in two guys .... Not counting my labor of course.... One possible improvement I think I'll try is to add a rough cut oak board floor so they can completely get off the ground... This improvement would be great for smaller pigs allowing us to throw hay on a raised floor where they're high and dry.
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